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KickPro Soccer Training Belt - Soccer/Volleyball/Rugby Trainer

KickPro Soccer Training Belt - Soccer/Volleyball/Rugby Trainer

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Struggling to find a reliable solo training solution for soccer, volleyball, or rugby? Need a versatile and adjustable training aid that caters to both kids and adults?

Our KickPro Solo Trainer Pro will enhance your skills in various aspects of the game, from ball control to shooting and passing? The KickPro Solo Trainer is here to revolutionize your training sessions.

✨Perfect Solo training 

This new evolution soccer kick trainer is perfect for solo training such as soccer, volleyball and rugby

👕Adjustable waist belt

The belt strap is adjustable to fit waist sizes (33"-39"). Great football training aid for kids and adults

🎀Adjustable stretchy strap 

6ft elastic strap stretches to 18ft. Perfect for altering the length the ball will kick out to and for adapting to different environments such as back yards

⚽Flexible for different sized balls

Fits ball sizes 3, 4 and 5.
It can helps with developing skills like ball control, passing, touch and reaction

👟Multi-aspect training

Shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, ball control, throw-ins, all of these training program only needs the solo kick trainer


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